2 or 3 PEOPLE

Jean 1

Bachelor/ 2 People

Jean 1 is a three star bachelor flat on the first floor with full kitchenette…

From R850

Jean 2

Bachelor/ 2 People

Comfortable bachelors on the ground floor, below Jean 1…

From R500


Bachelor/ 3 People

Ninette is a bachelor flat on the first floor with a braai on balcony…

From R650

Leoni 1

Bachelor/ 3 People

Leoni 1 is a three-star bachelor flat with a double bed, sofa and braai…

From R700

Els 2

Bachelor/ 3 People

A Comfortable, neat bachelor flat, with kitchenette, microwave, hob…

From R600

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Situated on the West Coast of South Africa, Leoni’s Accommodation offers you a quality place to stay in Strandfontein, Doringbaai with stunning sea views and outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking and flower viewing.

+27 27 215 1522
+27 71 792 0855
23 Kronkelweg, Strandfontein, Doringbaai, 8151